West Valley City, Utah, United States

Meet Our Team


Lydia Lyman - Founder/Lead Investigator

Lydia has been interested in the paranormal since she was a teenager. She had a few experiences and encounters that left her with more questions than answers. She started actively Investigating in 2006 and officially formed the team in 2012 She has an ear for EVP's and likes to help people understand the spirit world.


Kris Langman - Lead Investigator

Kris has been with M&L since 2014. Kris has been an investigator for approximately 15 years and has loved every minute of it. 


Corey Rue - Lead Investigator/Lead Cleanser

Corey joined M&L in 2018. Corey has always been sensitive to different kinds of energy. He didn't understand what it was when he was younger and it scared him. When he realized he didn't need to be afraid of it, he became very interested in it. This was before the internet was a thing so it was very difficult to understand and deal with. He learned that what he was interested in was called "the paranormal". Once he was able to do more research he wanted to know MORE!!!!  His first investigation was in 2018 with M&L at the Impress Theater.


Nicole Rue - Investigator In Training

Nicole joined M&L in 2019. Her husband was the one who got her interested in the paranormal. They have always watched paranormal shows together and as I learned more about the paranormal from the shows and him I became more interested in it.  Her first investigation was in 2018 with M&L at the Impress Theater. 


Stephanie Thiede - Investigator In Training.

Stephanie joined M&L in 2019. She has had an interest in the paranormal for years, when her grandmother passed in 2001, weird things started to happen at her house and she wanted to find out why. For a long time she was scared to do investigations till a few years ago she decided to finally give it a try and she has been hooked ever since! Her  first investigation was with M&L around 2018 at the Empress Theater in Magna. 

About Us


Amitaf Snikrep - Tech Manager/Case Manager

Fatima has been with M&L since 2019. Her paranormal experiences started when she was about 5 years old. As an adult she has developed a passion for paranormal  and the technology. Since 2014 and she has decided to invest in equipment to help out in the field.


Jody Panarelli - Investigator In Training

Jody started with M&L in 2020.
Her interest in the paranormal and the reason she got into investigating is because as a child, she had several paranormal experiences which frightened her and even more experiences as an adult. The fear she had as a child has been replaced with curiosity and the need to learn more about the paranormal world.  she has been investigating the paranormal for about 4 years now 


Ryan Butterfield - Content Creator/Social Media